Saturday, 30 March 2013


Are you thinking about preparing a teaching lesson related to science? If your answer is affirmative, in this post you can find some websites with some useful material to use it.


Sunday, 3 March 2013

BoOk: HoW tO TeAch wRiTiNG. Harmer. And More...

Happy sunday to everbody! How was your weekend? 

Today I have a present for you. It is the book "How to teach writing" by Harmer. I am reading it and I like very much because it is very useful and interesting for your teaching purpose.

To download the book, only do a click on the picture and enjoy it.

If you are interesting in this post and you want to increase your knowledge about this visit the following websites where you can find more interesting materials.


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Irregular verbs. Past Tense.

Good morning to everybody. Today you can find in this post some exercises, games, board games and other resources related to the past of the Irregular verbs which can be used in your teaching purpose.
Memory Game. Board Game
Collection of exercises, board games and some worksheets.
Game “Verb Dush”
Spelling games

Crosswords: in this page you can find some worksheets not only related to irregular verbs, but also with other topics such as toys, family and so on.
Exercise: Complete the sentences using the right form of the verb in brackets.
Game: Snakes and leaders.
Games: Match the verb with its past form.
I hope you like the post and share it if you think this post is useful for your teaching purpose.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Practice of English Language Teaching. Useful Book for teachers.

Hello I'm here again after this break. I haven't been ablo to write because I have been very busy, but I hope from now on updating my blog more frequently.

Today I bring a very useful book for teachers. This book is:

The practice of English Language Teaching. 3rd Edition written by Harmer.

To download the book whose format is pdf, you only have to do click in the picture you can find under this sentence. I hope you like it and share it if you think is a useful tool for your teaching purpose.

PD: see you soonor I hope that. :D 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

ToOlS foR TeAcHerS

Hi everybody, In this post you have some resources and material you can use in your class. 

  • Classroom Language: In this page you can download a pdf with multiples structures you can use in your classes, for example: ways to start lessons in english, taking attendance, grettings and so on.
  • Classroom labels: labeling all the school materials is a good idea because, thus, our students learn basic vocabulary effortlessly. In this page you have this vocabulary and you only have to put in your material.
  •  Printable Awards and Prizes for positive reinforcement in class: It is a very good idea gives some positive reinforcement to your students in class, and for this reason here you are some printable awards and prizes.

  • Developing listening and speaking skills in class: Here you can find some activities to develop listening and speaking skills in class which is a very important goal in our Primary Syllabus.

  •   Festivals: In this page you have activities for different festivals celebrated in English countries, and thus, teaching sociocultural aspects.

  • Some activities you can do in your classes:
o   Pre-primary and first cycle of primary education:

o  Second and third cycle of Primary Education:

I hope you like this post, and if you think it is a useful post, please share it. Thanks